all star bash 10: rice throwdown

Most of the ride back to the hotel was a blur, but I do distinctly remember sitting next to Dave on the backseat, and I asked him if he would consider getting into drifting with me. Dave didn’t answer because he was leaning out the window… spraying down the Maxima with a stomach full of Maker’s Mark and PBR.

This is why drifting is fucking awesome.

As strange as it may sound, I’ve never been to a drift event. This was no track-day, this was a #$%$#* party, seriously. The whole scene  was so much more laid back than I  could have imagined; I realized this as I was sitting on the track-side of the pit wall, shooting photos and drinking beer. Later I decided to head out onto the track to shoot some photos. My camera was the only media credential that I needed.

I never planned on “covering” the event,but the crew and I got drunk kinda early in the day and I followed Linh and Grady out to shoot a run group. Being this close to the action was amazing; so amazing, in fact, that i forgot about how bad i had to pee.

Everyone was going all out. this guy in particular was going for some very early initiations and ended up going backwards towards the barrier several times, but nothing slowed any of them down.

Tommy Roberts is a heavy smoker; and I learned that second hand smoking is pretty awesome.

The desert wind started to clear the shimmery gold nissan’s wake of smoke, and seconds later I heard a loud beat of exhaust accompanied by the whoosh of excess boost and the sound of 12 tires vaporizing… the air never cleared. Seriously, standing in the midst of this was totally awesome, and I was excited to capture this moment through my lens. This three car tandem was right behind Tommy.

Then in the midst of all that was happening, this Evo came out, drifting all four wheels around this dusty corner. I think he was a friend of somebody that they let onto the track. I made sure to give my rally brethren the proper rally pump as they passed by.

And of course, nothing would be nearly as fun without the crew. I always think of how blessedl I am that God has given me such great friends. Companionship and camaraderie are the integral elements to what make driving-sport so special to me.

Christie came out, looking lovely as usual and schmoozing her way into getting some ride-alongs :p Sorry guys, but she’s already taken.

^but that didn’t stop Linh from throwing his mack down.

I don’t mean to name drop but that’s MY HOME BOY GRADY shooting video for Keep Drifting Fun.

Larry Chen from driftfotos (WHOS ALSO MY FRIEND ON FACEBOOK!) was also rocking out on the track, running chase with a camera strapped to the hood of his Datsun Z. I’m looking very forward to seeing the footage. A lot of notable photographers were out there including, Antonio Alvendia and Mike Garrett. I was shooting with the best of them, and it was truly an honor. Everyone was taking pics all day, and then the sun started going down…

Normally, the track day is over when the sun starts to drop…

but not this time, and the cars looked absolutely stellar in this light. The feeling was completely surreal- I kept asking myself, are they really going to drift ALL DAY?!…

and they did… until midnight; it was fantastic, drunken, madness.

There was an epic fireworks show. Everyone was drunk, screaming “AMERICA,” cars were drifting, and I was way too smashed to get any photos of what was really going on that day, but ASB-X has inspired me to break out my camera once more, and do something new. I am looking forward to shooting more events, and to start drifting.

Independence day. Willow springs two thousand ten. The rice got thrown down … hard.