section model: Tadao Ando’s “Church of the Light”



project 2 was a case study, which means we build a model of a building done by a famous architect with the goal of discovering something about that building. almost all projects this semester focus on the control of natural light, and the buildings we were assigned for our study reflected (no pun intended) on that-  click for pics church of light-exterior-1this is the actual building in japan, which i basically cut a line through and built a model of



andomodeldetail^someone suggested that i cut strips of paper to seal off the edges of the foam core. this technique is a little time consuming, but gives the model a clean and finished look.



^ one of the pics on the left was on upside down D: fortunately i caught and fixed it before i presented.

andoquote“all walls manifest a power that borders the violent. they have the power to divide space, transfigure place and create new domains. walls are the most basic elements of architecture, but they can also be the most enriching”

-tadao ando

the project was pretty simple and straight forward, which was a relief. even more great news is that we didn’t get our next project assigned yet (a multi-story office, i think) and we have the weekend off 😀