sitting on a porch


i had some time to kill yesterday as i waited for ryan to get back to the beach house, kicking rocks, and sitting on the porch. i’ve been up for a day and a half working on my model, and felt completely retarded, so i was in a weird mood in general.


the evening was unusually cold, and it rained for a few minutes too, which left the sky with an amazing contrast of light and dark- a much appreciated opportunity for me to get out my camera for a few quick photos around the block.

there were only a few minutes of light left, and fortunately i only had to wait about ten minutes for ryan to get there. we were celebrating the completion of my model. lol, well at least i was. any excuse to party : p


imagine seeing this every morning as you pull out of your driveway, and every evening as you come home –


aaah, i love long days- thankfully so cal looks like this everyday :3

full sizes and more found @ my flickr