atypical event coverage

We arrive at Willow Springs at 8:30 am, and we’ve been up since five-thirty. We’re tired, but pretty pumped about tossing our cars around Horse Thief Mile.

We show up at the track and see that the first run group has already headed out. Fortunately for us, it was just the beginner group, and we had some time to get ready- but not much.

Linh and I scramble to unload the car of the jack, spare tire, our bags and everything else we brought with us, then we took the car to tech inspection. we get about five minutes to sit down, and it’s already 9:00 am, time for advanced group to start lining up for session 1.

Linh and I grab our helmets, I put on my gloves, and we strap into my Miata. We’re ready for some hooning.

And hooning it was- laps one and two included full lock oversteer, clipping the inside the chicane, and sliding off the track, across the dirt, into the pits, then back onto the track without even thinking about slowing down.  Then the car overheated… and I realized something- I turned to linh and said “this is kinda boring.” Don’t get me wrong, Horse Thief Mile is a fun track, and it’s not like I’ve mastered it or anything- but my biggest issue was that my car was just too damn slow. In fact, almost all the cars were too slow, and super boring to watch.  Which brings me to my photos, and not one of them was of a car….

This is Linh (omfg of speedhuntersz?!)… We make each other laugh until it hurts, bad. He came out just to kick it, and left the camera at home, which reminded me what car life is all about… friends, and without them this track day would have been a total bust.

Dicker. He is srs and showed me the srs line. I didn’t listen 😦 I would’ve been faster if i would have.

Kenny came out and killed it in the MR-S. Not only that, but he even let me take it out on the track myself. Kenny saved me last track day by letting me borrow a set of wheels/tires when I blew one of mine out.

This is Kenny’s friend Cristina- living proof that cute girls DO enjoy hanging out at the track all day. She put up with jew jokes and she also drives an MR-S.

Don’t fuck with leonard… That’s all im going to say. SO HARD jhfasjkfshadfhdlkh

Jay Lee came out for his first track day, and despite being ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE , and almost crashing into me, he did pretty well. I’ll post video of our brief duel later.

Last but definitely not least… Dave- who is from Chicago, which makes him instantly cool. I mean, look at him! Dave came out with a set of cheater tires (V710) but I tried my best to chase him down, with little luck. I’ll post the video of that later as well.

Thanks for reading guys, sorry if you were expecting pictures of cars on the track. I assure you they wouldn’t be anything special. However, i have some track footage i’ll post later. Full-size images and more can be found on my…


-Chean :3