zomg update!?

sorry i haven’t been updating guys. in fact i disappeared from the internets entirely for a few weeks. here’s quick rundown of what’s been going on:

-eclipse blew out a tire on the I-5 right in downtown san diego

-the lug nut studs were spun so i couldn’t change the tire and had to get the car towed ($50 fuuuuuuu)

-the miata threw a water pump/alternator belt while i was in mexico

-summer school started and there’s been a whole lot of this to keep me busy:

on the bright side, we’re only three weeks away from the roadsterdrift drop top showdown at horse thief mile 😀 so i’ll post about “preparing” the miata in my typical fashion.

i plan on bringing the bumper cam to the track too

keep checking back guys!!!!

<333 sean