No way

As many of you know, or at least those that know me- I am a HUGE rally fan, and my dad was a rally racer himself.

I decided to take a summer course at south western college in order to graduate sooner, and when i looked at the professors name, i figured it was a coincidence but nope….

chrissie beavis! tanner fousts co-driver in the Rally America series!!!! i guess she runs a design office and teaches on the side here in San Diego. I am absolutely ecstatic! what are the odds hahaha 😀

…now that’s not the craziest part. my dad was actually good friends with her mom, who was the organizer for rim of the world rally in california. AND, it was in her mom’s caged jetta, that i had my first shot-gun ride in a rally car on a dirt course when i was 11 years old!

small, small, small world!