monaco hideaway

The finished model of my transition space : ) Click for the story. 

We were instructed to design a space that is 40′ wide, 20′ tall and 10′ deep. The entry and exit needed to be on either 40′ side.

I designed a transition space between a garage and my imaginary home, built on a fictional property in Monte Carlo. -Why Monte Carlo…?

The home is on a split level ridge and can only be accessed by stairway via garage and entrance hall; this entrance is the transitional space.

Archicad model:

So why Monte Carlo? One f%$#ng reason:

^uuuuuuuuuuuaghgughgghghg  OMG WRC!!!1

seriously… all day long. Serious, this is all i thought about when i built my “home.” the source, inspiration and drive behind my architectural model-NO my architectural studies/career is so that i can drive like a hoon in the mountains. i’ve gotten off track..okay, okay, just one more:

I think I require a hydraulic ebrake for daily driving. It’s absolutely necessary.

❤ chean :3