NEMESIS! (i have you nemesis)

I always wonder how I stack up against my friends when it comes to driving.

I wonder if I even stack up against anyone, or if i even know how to “drive.” 

Well… guess what came up

I’ll be competing in street class with about 9 other cars, but these are my two targets I’ll be trying to pace my self with:


1.8 L NA8

Tein Flex coil-overs with up rated springs

15×8 6ul’s + 225 Hankook Rs-2’s 

KAAZ 1.5 way LSD


1.8 L NA8

Tein Flex 

15×8 6ul + Hankook 225 Rs-2

Torsen LSD

…then there’s me:

Sean Jay:

1.6 NA6 

15×6.5 Kei Office wheels with 195 Rs-2’s 

Koni w/ GC coilovers 375/250

open diff… ugh


ps: Roger this video is for you because I’m deeming you as my NeMeSsSSISSS. Bring your A game- you don’t want to lose to the slowest car the event 😀

let the trash talking begin.