car life

I don’t think it will ever cease to astonish me when i think of how much my life has changed since i bought my roadster. i can’t imagine my life without the people i’ve met, the places i’ve gone or the things i’ve been able to do because of the friends i have.

this past weekend was truly an example of how lucky we are to live in so-cal, because of how hard we can live ”car life” šŸ™‚

think about it… how else would i have had a weekend like this:

1.) I show up at Derek’s house after a long drive up from San Diego, he hands me the keys to his car and tells me to see how i like the way the car feels. Well fortunately he lives right in the twisty bit of a canyon road šŸ˜€

…and unfortunately that comes with its risks, because i managed to stuff his car up into a dirt wall coming out of a hairpin corner šŸ˜¦

aside from some scuffs and a small crack, nothing really happened… see ^ you can’t notice anything. I’m glad because it could’ve been a lot worse. I don’t think Derek is going to let anyone drive his car ever again lol.

Saturday was techday at wooleries, and an epic tech day none the less!

All my friends were there and i got to ride shotgun in an Ariel Atom through a canyon road šŸ˜€

woolery in the pitcrew racing miata ^

atom in the lawn^ šŸ˜€

Gran Turismo challenge in full force

i just love Aw-11 Mr-2s

Forsuna rocked the house until the cops showed up to break it up (at 7:30 !!).

A few of us brought our skateboards and we had a couple good skate sessions in the church parking lot across the street. i managed to pull off an inward heelflip after 2 years of not skating šŸ˜€

the guy with the white aw-11 pictured above skated with us too and was nice enough to even take pictures! thanks, i forgot your name but i hope we can hang out again sometime.

We all started taking off around midnight. I headed back home with derek and we played Grid on ps3 until about 3am. On sunday we headed down to game stop to pick up LittleBigPlanet, and Roger swung by to play it with us for about an hour or so.

I took off from Derek’s around 2:30 and headed over to Jeff’s (see post below).

okay, I’m in Architectural Modeling class right now so I need to get back to work! thanks for reading up!