that one chair

most people i’ve met have had a particular fondness over a specific chair or spot on a sofa in their homes. you know what i mean- that old recliner that just sucks you right in, or how you lay down the same way on that love seat with your feet propped up on the armrests.

i had a favorite chair when i was in middle school. it was this white single seater sofa that i would lay in sideways, staying up watching tv until i fell asleep without even knowing it.

i ended up moving a few times, and had several disk chairs, bean bags, sofas- but none quite satisfied me as much as that white sofa… until now.

it’s small,fiberglass, has thin padding, doesn’t recline, and i won’t even try sleeping in it…

i spend over an hour in this chair everyday, and to be honest, it’s a nuisance. getting into the car requires a conditioned technique, and trying to pull off a graceful exit is an ongoing challenge to this day.

truth be told, it’s little more than an inconvenience,and not all that uncomfortable; in fact, it fits me like a glove. you see, the real problem is the circumstance under which it is used; heat and traffic…

but after that long traffic and school filled week, there’s nothing quite like getting up at 3:30am, and going out to clear my head… and at that moment, there’s nowhere i’d rather be than in my chair πŸ™‚