Horse Thief Mile 8-10-08

Roadsterdrift Drop top Showdown rd1 took place at horse thief mile last weekend. I really wish i took more pics; i honestly only took one, and that was with my phone.

I met with Derek and Linh in Chino Hills Saturday evening, and we loaded up our 2 miatas with a cooler and camping supplies. We arrived at Willow Springs raceway about 2 hours later and camped out with the rest of RD crew. 

Within the first ten minutes of the event I blew out my right rear tire. The event would’ve been over for me if it weren’t for kenny, who let me run his RA1’s for about half an hour. For the rest of the event, I ran kenny’s spares: 15″ stock MR-S wheels with Bridgestone S03’s in the rear. 

Linh should be uploading some awesome pics onto KINOD photography very soon. Here’s some coverage from the event:

^the only pic i took… I’ll post a link to when Linh uploads his shots.